Sep 10, 2023



The House Affordability Challenges in the United States

The United States is currently facing significant challenges when it comes to housing affordability. This blog post will delve into the details of these challenges, supported by data from the attached line graph and quotes from renowned economists.

Source: NAR, as of September 2023.

Key Challenges

  • Rising Housing Costs: Average home prices in America have increased by 15.9% in the past year. Since the start of the pandemic, prices are up by nearly a third.

  • Increasing Mortgage Rates: After reaching record lows at the start of 2021, mortgage rates are now rising at their fastest pace in decades. The interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is now above 7.0%.

  • Limited Housing Supply: As home sales have boomed, active housing listings have dropped and the median home sale price has surged.

  • Income Disparity: Incomes haven’t kept pace with housing cost increases.

Economist Insights

  • “House prices are expected to keep rising for some time yet. Those rising prices, coupled with soaring mortgage rates, are beginning to cool demand.” - The Economist

  • “Housing affordability isn’t improving anytime soon.” - Danielle Hale, economist

  • “Higher interest rates would bring down house prices relative to incomes, by making mortgages more expensive to service and tempering housing demand.” - The Economist

Potential Solutions

While these challenges seem daunting, there are potential solutions being discussed:

  • Restate Homes: Our new product at Restate Homes has the potential to lower mortgage payments by up to $1000, making it easier for your clients to afford bigger homes.

  • Government Support: Some suggest that government subsidies could help the poorest 20 percent of families afford minimum quality housing.

  • Lending Controls: Tightening the “macroprudential” tools available to central banks and financial regulators could limit risky mortgage lending.

In conclusion, while the housing affordability crisis in the United States is a complex issue with many contributing factors, there are potential solutions on the horizon. It’s crucial for policymakers, economists, industry leaders, and companies like Restate Homes to continue working together to address these challenges and make housing more affordable for all Americans.

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